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Toothbrush Cup Storage Holder Model Spaceship

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  • Product Design - Engineering Humanization Design, Reasonable use, and matching, design products around the family. Available in three color combinations, the main features are the toothbrush dust cover to protect and store the toothbrush, dust, and bacteria.
  • Easy Installation - These products require only a few simple steps and can be used without the need for responsible installation steps.
  • Both adults and children can easily master the product and use it.
  • Product Cleaning - Product disassembly and assembly are convenient, no dead angle cleaning, the product has ventilation treatment, can ensure the product is clean and dry, and the product has a dust cover protection.

This is a family toothpaste squeezer, which toothpaste squeezer, mouthwash cup, toothbrush hanging, 4cups, can be used by adults and children. The cup is divided into two large cups, two small cups, and children's small cups, no need to fear that children can't catch the cup.


  1. Wipe the wall clean
  2. Tear open no trace stickers back protective film
  3. Stick to the wall and vent the air
  4. Install the main body onto the non-marking sticker
  5. Install toothpaste into the top hole
  6. Squeeze the toothpaste tube to discharge air
  7. Place toothbrushes, cups, and items
  8. Please push 3-5 times for the first time.


  • Suitable for: Toothpaste dispenser for up to 4 adults and children, with a toothbrush holder and tooth cup, suitable for bathroom use.
  • Clean and Hygienic: The flip-top hanging toothbrush can prevent dust from falling on the toothbrush and is not easy to fall, and the toothpaste is also protected.
  • Automatic Dispensing: The dispenser squeezes the perfect amount each time, preventing the waste of toothpaste and automatically assigning toothpaste to you.
  • Super Suction: The powerful suction cup allows the automatic toothbrush dispenser to be connected to the wall for a long time, and the toothpaste and tooth cup can be placed on the toothbrush dispenser.
  • Easy to Clean: Removable, easy to clean: easy to dispense toothpaste, easy to disassemble and clean, no tidy or contaminated after long-term use.


  • Main material: ABS + PP + PS
  • Size:10.2*3.4*6.7inch
  • Function: Wall Mounted Type
  • Work with any smooth surface.
  • Suitable for family use, not only good-looking but also very cleanly.
  • It is hygiene and convenient, suits for Kitchen, bathroom, hotel and so on.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Auto Squeeze Toothpaste Dispenser
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