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Stainless Steel Faucet Instant Water Heating

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  • Stainless steel heating tube, heating quickly, instant heat, no toxins, health, and safety, use assured, sturdy and durable, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, strong hardness, not easy to scale.
  • 360° free-spinning stainless steel outlet pipe, stainless steel elbow with multi-layer plating process, stylish and beautiful. The single handle is hot and cold, which is quick and easy to save. By adjusting the water flow to change the hot water temperature, the handle rotates upwards into hot water and rotates downward into cold water.
  • Fast heat, three seconds to cook out the water, it is hot, no need to wait. Intelligent anti-electric wall, water and electricity isolation, multiple security protection.Ceramic valve core, high-temperature resistance, no deformation, water leakage.
  • Energy-saving night-vision temperature LCD screen display, intimate temperature display function, control water temperature changes at any time, anti-scald is safer. Water-saving bubble nozzle, shower-type water-saving nozzle design, using spring-loaded energy storage principle, effectively alleviating the impact of water blowing.
  • Electric faucet, knowing the cold, controlling the temperature, giving the family more protection and giving the family more health.


  • Heating Tube Material: Quality 304 Stainless Steel
  • Optional Color: White/ Electroplated Silver
  • Rated Voltage: 220V/50HZ
  • Rated Power: 3300W
  • Waterproof Grade: IPX4
  • Cable: 1.5mm
  • The Inlet Way: Under the influent
  • Water Pressure: 0.04-0.5Mpa
  • Rotation: 360° Rotatable


  • 3 seconds quick heat.
  • Highly sensitive hot-melt power-off.
  • Double isolation of water and electricity to ensure safe use.
  • With LED ambient light, create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
  • The faucet can be controlled to be 360 degrees of rotation, and the tube is Universal Tube.
  • It can be used directly on the faucet without any special equipment.
  • High-quality material, high temperature resistant, soft and strong, not easy to burst.
  • Convenient, simple, and easy to install, It can be used in the kitchen, toilet, etc.
  • Hot and cold dual-use. The temperature display screen, the current temperature is clear at a glance.
  • Strong anti-stamping, so that the product is not easy to aging, security is more durable and lasting.
  • No need to store water for preheating and no need to keep warm. To avoid heating too much water and waste.

Package Include:

  • 1 x Instant Hot Water Tap
  • 1 x Hose
  • 1 x Tape
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