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Portable Ozone Air Purifier

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Disinfect & deodorize your car, clothes, mask, phone, shoes, washroom, small room, cabinets, wardrobe, refrigerator, pet homer, etc.
  • PORTABLE: Hold by one hand and similar size like iPhone 6s. Easy to place anywhere. The ozone air sterilizer built-in a high power capacity rechargeable lithium battery. Run 2-3 times for a single charge.
  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY: Aluminum alloy case and ABS resins, and passed through rigorous testing and CE, FCC, ROHS certification.

Ozone Air Purifier

Sterilization Rate up To 99% Effectively prevents Germs

  • Prevent Virus

    It eliminates toxins and viruses in the air that help you and your family prevent disease

  • Sterilize

    The killing rate of ozone to Germs and Molds is more than 99%, especially in areas where Germs are raging

  • Deodorant

    It can remove the odor for your refrigerator, shoe cabinet, closet, car, which can help you from the bad smelling and the bacteria.

  • Green technology

    The ozone machine use the oxygen as the raw materials and is not necessary to change the filter


Power supply1200mAh 103040 Li-Polymer Battery
Charging VoltageDC 5V
Quantity of Ozone< 0.25 PPM
Applicable space.25 m3 ~ 3 m3
Applicable temperature0 - 40 degree C
Size60*130 mm
FunctionsTaste and aldehyde removal, disinfecting and sterilizing
Package includes1 x Ozone Air Purifier
Ozone Air Purifier


Charging by Android USB connector


Silica gel soft plug

Non-toxic environmental protection


Low consumer Zero residue



Automatic ozone concentration


Attractive Features

Make the air in your place better with the ozone air purifier. Waterless cleaning for clothing, mask, stuffed toys; Deodorization for refrigerator, in-car, restroom etc.


Removes powerful odors and cleans your air fast. Such as it only takes half an hour to remove the smoke and other odors in the car.


Ozone is more effective than most chemical sanitizers. It is a very strong oxidant and virucide. Direct oxidation/destruction of the cell wall with leakage of cellular constituents outside of the cell. Breakage of carbon-nitrogen bonds leading to depliymerization.



Hold by one hand and similar size like iPhone. Easy to place anywhere. The ozone air purifier built-in a high power capacity lithium battery. Run 2-3 times for a single charge.


Disinfection & deodorization for car, toilet, small room, pet home, shoe, wardrobe, refrigerator, clothing, mask, etc


Aluminum case with ABS resins, and passed through rigorous testing and certification.

Product Description & Tips

Benefits of ozone application are:

No remaining tastes or odors after treatment.
Ozone decomposes rapidly, and therefore,it leaves no harmful residual.

Main Trick to Use

  1. Put it in the car, wardrobe, refrigerator(above 32°F), dresser, washroom and other sealed cantainer or small room.
  2. Turn on the air purifier, Sealed and leave the environment(ensure that no people/pet state).
  3. Wait 1-2 hours.It will automatically switched off in 1 hour(or manually close it halfway).
  4. Unseal the environment for several minutes ventilation and decomposition.

Portable, Easy to place anywhere

Removes powerful odors and cleans the air in a car/shoe wardrobe/washroom/small room.
Put dirty clothes/mask/stuffed toys with the Ozone Air Purifier in a sealed container for 1 hour. It will fresh smelling again and healthful.
Deodorize the air inside the refrigerator and freshen the foods stored.




The simple design of the flowing water, the ultimate capture of the natural texture only for the dedication to explore the poetic life of you

The pursuit of the ultimate simple way of life... in the form of a healthy and carefree environment perhaps only in the quiet operation of the purifier

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