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Manual Coffee Grinder

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  • Grinder: The grinder is slim for easy gripping and the crank handle is long enough to give you good leverage for a smooth and easy grind. Some of the difficulty depends on your coffee beans but the grinder does its part to make things go smoothly.
  • Stainless Steel Structure: The high quality and durable brushed stainless steel composition mean it will last a long time. The stylish design gives you high quality and unique experience.
  • Convenient: The portable small coffee grinder can be operated without batteries, power, or long plastic wires, allowing you to carry and brew freshly roasted coffee beans on your next camping, hiking, backpacking, or outdoor trip.
  • Easy for Operate: Grinding adjustment for Coarse or Fine must be done by turning the Adjusting Wheel, clockwise for Fine grade, and anti-clockwise for Coarse grade. Make sure there are no obstructions between the inner and outer burr (this includes coffee grinds) when turning the adjusting wheel.
  • Consistent Grinding: Coffee grinder with adjustable grinding and ceramic conical edging machine - from coarse to fine grinding - ensures smooth and fast grinding for perfect espresso and consistent coffee.

Convenient Hand: Grinding Machine Stainless Steel Grinder elaborate small and light enjoy grinding the portable travel
Product Features: Stainless steel handle The radian meets the ergonomic, accelerate the grinding speed and save effort
Adjustable Grinding Thickness: Humanize, you can adjust the coffee grinding thickness by yourself
All Removable: Easy to clean, health and clean
Exquisite Handmade: Experience the fun of manual operation interesting in the process that you do anything by yourself
Product Detail: Ceramic Grinding Core Grinding does not produce heat, better keep the original flavor of the coffee beans Adjustable Nut The coffee power can be adjusted by a nut, the clockwise direction will be finer, the counterclockwise direction will be thicker
Hand-shake handles: Made from stainless steel the radian meets the ergonomic, accelerates the grinding speed, and saves effort.


  • Ceramic grinding core, grinding doesn't produce heat. Better preserve the coffee beans' original tastes.
  • Adjustable nut. The powder thickness is adjusted by a nut. The powder will be ground very fine with clockwise rotation; Similarly, it'll be thicker with anticlockwise rotation.
  • The capacity you can see directly. Unique visual design, easy to control the bean number
  • All are removable, easy to clean, health and clean
  • Hand-operated handle, made of stainless steel. With ergonomic radian, save both time and labor.

Instructions Grinding regulation that:

  1. The grinding coffee powder include coarse, medium, fine
  2. You can control the adjustable nut by yourself. The clockwise direction will be finer, the counterclockwise direction will be thicker. When you are transferred to the maximum, you should stay 0.25mm space. avoid friction increased or get stuck
  3. After you adjust the nut, fitted cleat and other accessories.then it is finish

Product advantage:

  • Grinding the coffee bean fresh, then drink it, the taste will be more better
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Environmental protection, resistance fray and corrosion

Warm prompt:

  • Please use detergent to clean and dry it before you use it
  • Please use a soft cloth to clean it, avoid scratch it

Package Included:

  • 1 pc Coffee Grinder
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