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Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle Alkaline Ionizer Generator

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  • Easy to use and portable: 350mL hydrogen-rich water cup, mini-exquisite, easy to use and easy to carry;
  • Safe and non-toxic: environmental protection material, double-layered empty cup body, medical high borosilicate glass, magnesium-aluminum alloy cup lid base, beautiful and frequent, safe and non-toxic, without BPA;
  • 3 Super performance: long-term battery operation, a charge can produce 20 glasses of water
  • Technology advance: SPE hydrogen production technology, using titanium platinum thickened electrolytic film, rapid electrolytic production of hydrogen-rich water;
  • Significant effect: Molecular hydrogen is a great and safe antioxidant. It cleans rubbish in the body, balances the body's pH, regulates metabolism, effectively lowers blood sugar, promotes cell detoxification, enhances cell viability, enhances immunity, skin beauty, eliminates Color spots, stones melting, softening blood vessels to improve women's physiological cycle


  • Electrolytic cell water machine: The hydrogen-rich water cup can quickly generate high-concentration water of 0.8-1.2 PPM and keep it for 24 hours.
  • Convenient and quick to manufacture hydrogen-rich water: the hydrogen-rich water cup uses titanium platinum thick film to increase the area of electrolyzed water so that the hydrogen ion content is fast, decomposed and efficient, and the most convenient and rapid method for producing hydrogen-rich water.
  • High-quality materials: The cup body is made of high-boron glass, which is crystal clear and feels warm. The unique double-layer design not only maintains the temperature of the water but also provides heat insulation and convenient drinking.
  • Health technology: using Thai gold electrolysis technology, large electrolytic area, high borosilicate glass, titanium platinum electrolytic sheet, strong redox potential.
  • Easy to carry: small and exquisite, carry and drink, suitable for office, home, travel, car, and school use glass.
  • A variety of charging methods: car charger, mobile power, home power.


  • Product Category: Energy Cup, Health Cup
  • Material: borosilicate glass
  • Capacity: 350ML
  • Use location: terminal water purification
  • Ambient temperature: 0-40 degrees
  • Maximum power: 4W
  • Rated voltage: 5V
  • Hydrogen concentration: 0.8-1.2PPM
  • Size: 23*7cm
  • Weight: 0.4kg


  • Hydrogen-rich water is called the water of life; Drinking hydrogen-containing water is good for preventing Alzheimer's disease;
  • Hydrogen-rich water is beneficial to improve the dormancy of pancreatic B cells, improve glucose metabolism, and improve symptoms of diabetes.
  • Hydrogen-rich water can prevent the formation of peroxidized lipid unsaturated fatty acids by combining unsaturated fatty acids with active oxygen, which can improve hypertension.
  • Hydrogen-rich water can significantly reduce the production of wrinkles while increasing the elasticity and luster of the skin, especially the skin acne has a significant effect.
  • Hydrogen-rich water can prolong the length of telomerase and activate telomerase activity, thus greatly extending lifespan.
  • Hydrogen-rich water can strengthen the stability of DNA and prevent it from decomposing step by step, thus blocking the growth of cancer cells.
  • Hydrogen-rich water can neutralize excess acid to form harmless water to the human body while speeding up metabolism and reducing the burden on the kidneys.


  1. Packing drinking water: first, fill the mineral water;
  2. Press the first time, the machine is in standby mode, the blue light is always on, press the second time, the green light flashes three times slowly, the machine starts to electrolyze; according to the third time, the green light flashes 5 times slowly, and the machine starts to electrolyze. The machine green light flashed three times and the machine worked for three minutes, the green light flashed five times and the machine worked for five minutes;
  3. Long press the machine to shut down, all lights are off, the machine is powered off;
  4. When the machine is out of power, the blue light flashes quickly;
  5. When the machine is charging, the blue light flashes slowly;
  6. When the machine is fully charged, the green light flashes quickly;
  7. The machine can work normally during the charging process;
  8. During the process of electrolyzing water, the blue light of the blue light flashes alternately;
  9. In the case of a serious power shortage, there will be several situations: a. There is a crash, this needs to be charged, and the time is long; b. There will be no reaction of the button, charging can be done; c. When using it, be sure to fully charge it before using it.


  • 1* hydrogen-rich water cup
  • 1* charging cable
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