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The Note When Buying On IDEAS

The note when buying, processing orders and complaints. All will be answered in this article

All questions will be answered here: IDEAS Care

About product specifications

  • Size: this is what we want customers to notice the most. Choose the right size of the product to suit your needs. We can make small errors about the size of the product. That doesn't affect the product, they only range from a few millimeters
  • Color: Due to some display errors or differences from customers' devices. Our products may not have the exact color as you see in the image description. However, does not affect product quality
  • Version & Pattern: Please preview the product image. We have descriptive photos for different versions of product models.
  • Features & How to use: We will analyze, evaluate and guide customers to use the product. We will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the product so that customers can choose and decide whether the product is suitable for your needs or not, which leads to the customer should buy that product. or not

View order status

Please login to IDEAS to view details of order status and shipping status. We have written detailed instructions here:


We really want you to complain to us before you make a complaint at the payment gateway. it makes it possible for us to process your complaint quickly without any third party obligations. You can also get a refund or product faster. We handle it according to the terms that we give. Customers should be assured of our professionalism.
The time to start processing your complaint may need to wait for 24 - 48 hours for us to get back to you. We will take the date you filed your complaint as a landmark, not the date we started processing, so you can be assured that your product may exceed 7 days.
We have detailed instructions on how to file a complaint here:

What else can you do on IDEAS other than purchase?

  • You can get our free gift!
  • You can become a member of us. Please register as an author on IDEAS for special offers.
  • You can share your favorite products with friends. You only need to enter the email we will send to your friend