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Food Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine

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  • REDUCE COST AND KEEP FOOD FRESH: By using White Dolphin vacuum sealer for food storage, you can avoid wasting food due to oxidation, exposure to odors, and rotting.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL BUTTONS: Short press the button to vacuum and seal the bag. Long press the button to vacuum and seal thicker bags.
  • SEALING FOOD: Vacuum and seal dry food and moist food. Liquid food is only suitable for sealing, not vacuuming.
  • WORK WITH REFRIGERATOR: After vacuuming, food in the refrigerator can be effectively prevented from dehydration, chapping, odor, and deterioration.


  • Vacuum Sealer: New epoch of fresh-keeping by vacuum
  • Turbine whirlwind technology: Increase suction power, decrease suction loss Small but strong Powerful suction Superb seal
  • Strong Power: 80W high power
  • One key to operate: Get rid of tedious keys, simple to have vacuum operation


  • Power: 80w
  • Voltage: AC220-240W/ AC110V
  • Heating wire width: 1.5mm
  • Vacuum degree:-60kPa
  • Motor: vacuum pump
  • Sealing width:<29cm
  • Heating wire: Ni-Cr alloy
  • Outer material: ABS
  • High-temperature tape: Teflon

External pumping function

  • 1. Storage bag space-saving
  • 2. Vacuum jar convenient
  • 3. Wine cork stale -prevention


  • 1. Place food into the packing bag
  • 2.Level off the bag and put it into vacuum position
  • 3. One button to start vacuuming and sealing.
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