A Better Utility Room

a better utility room
  • More Space

How household equipment can disappear while remaining readily accessible. And how even the kids‘ room stays tidy.

 Nov 23, 2019 at 8:23 pm  

By Vincent Vu

Good structural design and lots of storage space in the utility room are worth their weight in gold.

When everything has its place and is readily available, housework is easier and faster than ever: stow dry laundry immediately, find utensils instantly and store even larger pieces of household equipment in a clever way. Simply perfect. And it‘s attractive, too.


1. Sliding shelf:

      Dual use for maximally visible storage space. Even large objects like vacuum cleaners and ironing boards have space behind the shelf.

2. Drawer runner Quadro:

        With the optional pull-out stop, the pull-out shelf can be securely fastened.

3. Power assisted height adjustment LegaDrive:

Fold-up corner for clever storage options makes it possible to use storage space otherwise difficult to access.

4. Folding door system WingLine L:

New ways to provide access to washing machine and dryer.



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